Internal Pouch

An internal pouch can also be known as an ileoanal pouch and is most commonly referred to as a J-pouch. In May 2019, Brigitte, who also is our Secretary and Chair , joined the National Internal Pouch Sub-committee ( IPSC ).

Quite a few members in our group have an internal pouch, and so we look forward as a branch to developing our support for them.

Internal Pouch Information day 2019 This is taking place in Newcastle on the 28th September 2019 at the Jury’s Inn, from 10:30 till 16:00. Registration open from 9:30. The cost is a mere £6, and friends and family are welcome too. Whether you have an internal pouch or are thinking about it, this is a chance to talk to those who are living with it, including 3 members of the IPSC. More details will follow shortly .

If you wish to book please contact National Office on 0800 0184 724 or email