Internal Pouch

An internal pouch can also be known as an ileoanal pouch and is most commonly referred to as a J-pouch. In May 2019, Brigitte, who also is our Secretary and Chair , joined the National Internal Pouch Sub-committee ( IPSC ).

Quite a few members in our group have an internal pouch, and so we look forward as a branch to developing our support for them.

Following on from a very successful and well attended Internal Pouch Information day in Newcastle in September 2019, the IPSC are already planning events for 2020. We are hoping to run an Internal Pouch information day very early in the year, so keep an eye out for details. Any queries either contact Brigitte via, or contact IA National Office via

Whether you have an internal pouch or are thinking about it, this is a chance to talk to those who are living with it, including members of the IPSC. More details will follow shortly .