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The   Nottinghamshire   &   Derbyshire   IA   is   a   UK   registered   charity   and forms   part   of   the   Ileostomy Association,   whose   primary   aim   is   to   help people   who   have   to   undergo   surgery   which   involves   the   removal   of their   colon   (colectomy)   and   the   creation   of   either   an   ileostomy   or   an ileo-anal pouch. Established in 1956, the Ileostomy Association has been providing support for 60 years. The Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire IA committee are looking for members to play an active part in making this website the best resource for members that it can be. We welcome your suggestions and feedback on the layout and content of this website and encourage you to take an active part in it’s continued development. After all, the website is here for your use and benefit. We hope you find it both informative and easy to use. Over the coming months we will be arranging more events for members than ever before which makes it a very exciting time to join. The more inclusive and involved we are the stronger we are and so we welcome feedback and suggestions from members at any time. Tell us what you want to do and we will do our best to met your needs and provide the best support that we can.  
Restructuring IA        Having   voted   overwhelmingly   to   become   a   branch   of   IA   we   finally   transferred   over   on 1st October 2018. So   we   are   now   in   the   process   of   transferring   our   membership   and   financial   records over to IA National where they will be managed from in future. Once   that   is   complete   we   will   be   closaing   out   current   bank   account   down   and   disolving the   Charity,   so   please   ensure   you   check   out   the   latest   newsletter   for   information   on where to pay your subscriptions in 2019. These   are   exciting   times   for   our   group   and   by   making   these   changes   we   ensure   our long-term survival so that we can continue to support our members. For   more   information   on   restructuring   please   read   the   article   on   pages   10   and   11   of   the Winter 2016 IA Journal, issue number 234. Please refer any questions that you have to secretary@nottsandderbyia.org.uk    
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